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Welcome to BitClout Uk.

The complete guide to use BitClout. Follow our blog and discover our exclusive services.

The complete guide to know everything about BitClout

We will guide you step by step on the new social media built with blockchain technology, decentralised that quantifies your value in cryptocurrency.

Verify your account following
easy steps

Following the steps to verify your account give a security to who want to invest on your coin. Click here to request to verify your BitClout account.

Invest on yourself and on your favourite creators

Invest buying the cryptocurrency of your character and your favourite project.You can hold it on your Bitclout wallet, selling it , giving it or exchanging it with other coins.

Descover the value
of Superlikes

As on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, also on Bitclout you can like the posts that you like. On Bitclout you caa give and receive Superlikes, the Bitclout’s diamonds that have a value between  $0.01 e $900.

Cryptocurrency and NFT on the same social DE-FI

Each post published on Bitclout is going  to be “mined” on the blockchain and becoming a full-fledged NFT.

Soon it will be possible create, sell and buy NFT in Bitclout.

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the last news

Keep up to date, follow us on BitClout and on our blog where we will published all news about technology, the new social network and about new analytic apps.

Let your art being discovered and safe its authenticity

Registered your account and sell your art on BitClout

Verified Account in just
few steps !

Descover how to verified your profile and claim the authenticity of the contents.

Follow the guide and in few steps you will receive the badge and personalised and verified  BitClout Uk code.

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